AfriForum’s Neighbourhood Watch Protector

Dear Neighbourhood Watch member

AfriForum welcomes you to AfriForum’s insurance policy.

As part of AfriForum’s Neighbourhood Watch Protector you have access to the largest fleet of ambulances and helicopters – including but not limited to Netcare 911 and ER24. You also have access to our EVAC24 control room, that will send for an ambulance closest to your location in an emergency to take you to the nearest suitable hospital, with guaranteed admission. All costs for the calling out and utilisation of emergency services per ambulance and/or helicopter are covered. To thank you for your continued dedication and support, AfriForum gives you the opportunity to take out the package at R79 per month for an individual, or R99 per month for a family.

Emergency Services

Registration of an emergency button on your cell phone. This will allow us to track your cell phone via GPS and in this way send out the nearest emergency service.

  • Emergency transport to a hospital by road or air, including all emergency service providers, ER24/Netcare 911, etc., as well as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft with flight criteria.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Trauma counselling: In the case of violence (assault, robbery, rape or hijacking) or a traumatic accident

Group Accident Cover

  • R100 000 for guaranteed admission to the nearest suitable hospital (including private and state hospitals; not subject to a medical scheme) after an accident. It also covers all medical costs incurred during hospitalisation up to the benefit amount.
  • R1 000 per day hospital medical cash up to 90 days, payable to the policy holder for personal use (the first 24 hours excluded).
  • R25 000 for the renting of life-supporting equipment between hospitals.
  • R100 000 accidental death benefit.
  • R100 000 accident disability benefit.
  • Retraining benefit: Covers 80% up to R100 000 if the policy holder is permanently disabled after an accident.
  • Up to R100 000 for mobility: Purchasing of wheelchairs, modifications to your home and/or vehicle if you are permanently disabled after an accident.
  • Up to R50 000 repatriation of the body if the policy holder dies.
  • Child care benefit: Up to R7 500 for child care if the policy holder dies or is permanently disabled as a result of an accident.
  • Disfigurement benefit: The disability cover will pay up to 50% of the disability cover if the policy holder’s body is disfigured 20% or more as a result of an accident.

The cover applies to accidents 24/7/365.
Please note: This is not a medical scheme.

This is only a summary. Please consult your policy schedule and wording for complete terms and conditions.
Phone Francois Veldsman at 083 232 9912 for policy enquiries, or 0861 EVAC24 in case of an emergency.
Email requests to or fax these to 086 731 8397.
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